“I started having lower back issues and was diagnosed with bulging discs about 7 years ago. Since then I’ve seen chiropractors, orthopaedic specialists, acupuncturists, and a multitude of other physical therapists. Then, about a year ago, I met Rachael. She is by far the most knowledgeable physical therapist I’ve seen. She listens to my concerns and fine tunes our treatments to get my back functioning like it should. Thanks to Rachael, I’m once again active and can live my life free of the daily worry of getting hurt.”

-Carla, age 38

“Rachael Britton is an extraordinary physical therapist! With a broad education and background in massage therapy as well as physical therapy she is able to incorporate many effective strategies into her sessions.

After listening to the client’s description of the problem, she assesses the person’s function and shares her knowledge of the problems contributing to malfunction. She then tailor-makes a treatment plan which includes hands-on manipulation as well as exercises to match the rehabilitation needs.

I see Rachael as a friendly, positive, upbeat person who is genuinely interested in her clients. While she works, she is able to help clients talk about their situation and explore alternatives that can contribute to improvement.

I have worked with many physical therapists over the years. My experience with Rachael was absolutely the best. She is terrific!!”

-Karen H., age 78

“As an ultra runner who runs 50+ mile races, I frequently have aches and pains. I’ve had consistent problems with my Achilles tendons and my hips. I went through several pairs of orthotics, but nothing ever felt great. After a long season last summer, my Achilles tendinitis acted up again. Rachael was great at listening to my descriptions of the problems, explaining body mechanics, and fitting me with GOOD orthotics–something I hadn’t had before. She also gave me exercises to do at home that have helped my hips and running form immensely. Now I’m back to doing 80 mile weeks on trails and I’m looking forward to another good season. Thanks Rachael!”

-Davis G., age 29