Auto Injury Recovery

Auto Injury Recovery

Motor vehicle crashes can have devastating effects on different parts of the body. Even if your accident was considered minor, the effects on your body can be severe and debilitating. You may or may not feel symptoms right away, but it is prudent to seek physical therapy treatment to ensure proper alignment, muscle strength, and movements are restored following any impact. Soreness, headaches, radiating pain, loss of concentration or inability to focus are just a few of the effects you may experience. Research indicates that physical therapy can significantly reduce problems that may arise following a motor vehicle accident or impactful event.

Physical Therapy Evolution is focused on helping you get back to your normal routines and way of life as quickly as possible. By using manual therapy and soothing, therapeutic techniques in the early stages of injuries, we can help you get back to your life as quickly as possible, while reducing pain and ensuring long term relief from injuries and disability.

We help your recovery by providing the following physical therapy care:

It can take some time to recover completely after an auto accident, but working with a physical therapist can substantially speed up recovery time while improving your overall strength and mobility. We are successful in helping patients recover from injuries and restore normal function resulting from an auto accident. If you have been involved, please contact us via email or by calling (303) 536-1949.