Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts

“As an ultra runner who runs 50+ mile races, I frequently have aches and pains. I’ve had consistent problems with my Achilles tendons and my hips. I went through several pairs of orthotics, but nothing ever felt great. After a long season last summer, my Achilles tendinitis acted up again. Rachael was great at listening to my descriptions of the problems, explaining body mechanics, and fitting me with GOOD orthotics–something I hadn’t had before. She also gave me exercises to do at home that have helped my hips and running form immensely. Now I’m back to doing 80 mile weeks on trails and I’m looking forward to another good season. Thanks Rachael!”

  -Davis G., age 29

What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts designed specifically to support your foot and allow stress-free posture and movement.

How are Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts made at Physical Therapy Evolution different than generic or other custom-made orthotics?

First, your physical therapist ensures that your foot has the proper range of motion needed for efficient weight-bearing. Then, a mold of your foot can be made based on your specific neutral foot position. Generic orthotics and some custom orthotics are molded in a way that is expected to be neutral for the overall population, but is in reality not neutral for most people, since we all have slightly different arches, postures, history of injuries, and foot strikes.

How much do custom orthotics cost?

Custom orthotics made at Physical Therapy Evolution are a $295 investment for the first pair. If you choose to buy additional pairs using the same mold, they can be purchased for $195.

How long will my orthotics last?

Your custom orthotics should last you several years, as they are made with long-lasting, sturdy materials and are well-designed to handle stresses of weight-bearing. Generic orthotics typically wear out and lose support in less than a year, since they are made with lower-quality, flexible materials.

How will I know if I need custom orthotics?

Your highly-trained physical therapist will evaluate your posture, gait, and ability to weight-bear without stress to the musculoskeletal system. Your goals will be discussed as well before advising you on your orthotic needs. If you have further questions, please contact us by calling (303) 536-1949 or by sending us an email.