Rachael Britton - PT, DPT, Movement Practitioner

Rachael Britton
PT, DPT, Movement Practitioner

As a Physical Therapist and Movement Practitioner, my mission is to help people tap into their potential to better perform, move, and thrive.

I am passionate about helping people feel good doing what they love to do, and also what they need to do. This means everything from skiing and hiking to desk sitting to just getting out of bed! I enjoy teaching people that their body is a connected unit. With this knowledge, they are able to heal, recover, and perform in an efficient and healthy way.

Treatments are designed to align the structural system, reorganize soft tissue and myofascial systems, and retrain the body to move effortlessly. Manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and corrective exercises are incorporated for long-term results and improved overall holistic health and wellness.

Patient Education

We look forward to working with you to reach your goals in health and well being. Many of our patients want to know about their injuries and how we can help them. We’ve included some links to information that we hope you find helpful.

Should you ever have any questions or if we can help clarify anything related to your injury or rehabilitation, please Contact Us at any time.

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